Damien Miller djm at
Wed Apr 13 21:58:43 EST 2005

Andreas Gaupmann wrote:
> Well, as Damien Miller pointed out: type 1 is used in the client code and
> type 2 in the server code. So they are not mixed up. The same is true for
> the functions "userauth_none". One is defined in sshconnect2.c on line 710
> (client) the other in auth2-none.c on line 108 (server). Annoyingly, I
> missed that.
> So, has anyone some pointers to documents describing the structure and
> design of the code in more detail than the (obsolete) OVERVIEW file or the
> general drafts (or RFCs)?

The internet-drafts are essential reading, apart from this, the archive
of this list has had a couple of explanations over the years.


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