Problem with openssh-4.0p1 and tcp wrappers on RH7.2(Scyld)

Tim Rice tim at
Sat Apr 16 12:51:20 EST 2005

On Fri, 15 Apr 2005, Bengt Svensson wrote:

> I have tried to update openssh-3.1p1 of our system that uses RH7.2 (Scyld). I 
> is pretty much a standard Redhat 7.2 install with openssl-0.9.6b, zlib-1.1.4 
> etc.
> I have gotten openssh to work after some initial issues, but I still have not 
> been able to get openssh/sshd to work with tcp-wrappers.
> I have in hosts.deny
> and in hosts.allow
> ALL: localhost,, 192.168.1.
> and still I can connect with ssh from outside that allowed ip range. 
> tcp-wrapper is working, anything else but ssh is blocked. On another machine 
> that is running the same OS but with openssh-3.1p1 the blocking works.

What happens if you put this in hosts.allow?
sshd: localhost ALLOW

> What could be the problem? Why can't I block ssh logins?
> Can someone explain to me what is going on and how I can improve the 
> situation.

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