Problem with openssh-4.0p1 and tcp wrappers on RH7.2(Scyld)

Darren Tucker dtucker at
Tue Apr 19 12:18:51 EST 2005

Bengt Svensson wrote:
>> Those are documented in README.privsep.  Perhaps INSTALL should 
>> reference it?

> It certainly would be useful for newbies and others as well to have more 
> detailed instructions.

Alright, will add.

> OpenSSH has been configured with the following options:
>                      User binaries: /bin
>                    System binaries: /sbin

You realise that Redhat's default binaries live in /usr/{bin,sbin} not 
/{bin,sbin}, right?


> PAM is enabled. You may need to install a PAM control file
> for sshd, otherwise password authentication may fail.
> Example PAM control files can be found in the contrib/
> subdirectory
>>> of something like 'Unsupported option' when sshd is restarted and 
>>> when I have UsePAM yes in the sshd_config file.
>>> Another issue I have found is that when enableing the 'MaxAuthTries 
>>> 3' option in sssh_config (as I have seen recommended) and restart 
>>> sshd, I 

This sounds very much like you're not running the sshd that you just 
built.  What does /path/to/sshd -V report?  Is the datestamp on the file 

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