Problem with openssh-4.0p1 and tcp wrappers on RH7.2(Scyld)

Bengt Svensson bsven at
Wed Apr 20 10:34:18 EST 2005

Problem solved. It was due to multiple versions of sshd installed. The 
previous sysadmin here had installed sshd in both /sbin and /usr/sbin.

I previously had adjusted the paths supplied for ./configure with the 
paths found from the 'which' command.

Now I will need to clean up after the multiple install.

Another note to the developers, there seems to be a problem with the -V 
flag for sshd. I get this output.

$ sshd -V
sshd: illegal option -- V
OpenSSH_4.0p1, OpenSSL 0.9.6b [engine] 9 Jul 2001
usage: sshd [-46Ddeiqt] [-b bits] [-f config_file] [-g login_grace_time]
             [-h host_key_file] [-k key_gen_time] [-o option] [-p port] [-u len]

Thanks every one for time spend looking into my problem.

 	Bengt Svensson

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