Feature suggestion: sftp over ssh client in a single connection

Timo Lilja timo.lilja at hut.fi
Tue Jul 12 22:08:10 EST 2005

Darren Tucker <dtucker at zip.com.au> writes:

>You can sftp and a shell over a single SSH connection with the
>ControlMaster/ControlPath feature:
>$ ssh -MS /tmp/sock sshserver
>$ sftp -o 'ControlPath /tmp/sock' sshserver

Thanks. I wasn't aware of this feature at all. This is much more
generic and better approach than that what I had in mind and does
basically everything that I need.

One downside though: I need two terminal windows or screen(1) or
something similar to get this working. In other words, it is not easy
to switch back and forth between the terminal shell and sftp in a
single window. Maybe there could be an escape sequence in the ssh
client that drops the client into a local shell? (I guess you could do
this by escaping with '~^Z' and writing 'bg' in the shell, but this
will not detach the stdout of the ssh client from the terminal.)

Timo Lilja

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