AIX 5.1 /etc/security/failedlogin entry with OpenSSH 4.1p1

Darren Tucker dtucker at
Wed Jul 20 19:25:41 EST 2005

Chris Taylor wrote:
> Ive downloaded OpenSSH 4.1p1 from the portable openssh web pages...
> Compiled it up for an AIX 5.1 host (with latest IBM maintenance patches
> applied) using defaults in all cases.
> When doing a successful SSH authentication it places an entry into
> /etc/security/failedlogin
> as well as /var/adm/wtmp
> Ive also tried adding "UseLogin yes" to the sshd_config
> PAM ISNT configured (infact sshd says the UsePAM option in the config
> file is illegal)
> None of the other "access methods", for instance telnet add a
> failedlogin entry unless the user fails a password challenge.
> Is this a bug ?

Possibly but I'm not sure.

Does the same thing happen if you set "PermitEmptyPasswords no" in 
sshd_config?  If that helps I'll explain...

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