file name handling "bug" in scp?

Evaldo Gardenali evaldo at
Mon Jul 25 10:43:40 EST 2005


I think I found a small filename handling issue in scp:

evaldo at winston:~$ scp evaldo at\`whoami\`-test .
scp: test-evaldo-test: No such file or directory
evaldo at winston:~$ scp evaldo at\`echo\ foo\`-test .
scp: test-foo-test: No such file or directory
evaldo at winston:~$

evaldo at winston:~$ ssh -V
OpenSSH_3.9 NetBSD_Secure_Shell-20050213, OpenSSL 0.9.7d 17 Mar 2004

(yeah, I know I am going to be larted for using a non-pure ssh, but I 
tried it with the portable openssh under linux and netbsd too, and the 
same thing happened)

Evaldo Gardenali

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