Problems with PAM environments in ssh

Craig Gallek cgallek at
Fri May 13 08:36:19 EST 2005

> Craig Gallek wrote:
>> When connecting to the machine as a user who has already obtained valid
>> Kerberos credentials, authentication occurs as expected (I’m not
>> prompted
>> for a password) but pam_openafs_session fails to obtain AFS tokens.  I’m
>> using ssh protocol 2, so token passing is not possible (as far as I can
>> tell).  pam_openafs_session fails because the KRB5CCNAME variable is not
>> set in the PAM environment at the time the module is used.
> What version is this?  One of the changes for 4.0p1 was:
> - (dtucker) [session.c] Bug #918: store credentials from gssapi-with-mic
>   authentication early enough to be available to PAM session modules when
>   privsep=yes.
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I'm using Debian unstable, which is version 3.8.1p1-7.  I'll try upgrading
to the version you mentioned.


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