feature: RequiredAuthentications

L.T.Lowe at hep.ph.bham.ac.uk L.T.Lowe at hep.ph.bham.ac.uk
Wed May 18 01:04:18 EST 2005

Hi, probably an ignorant question, maybe I'm missing something ...

Is there a way for a sshd server to be able to enforce both
client host key authentication as well as user authentication,
say for roving user-administered laptops.
So a sysadmin can restrict access to allow only client hosts 
which can pass the HostbasedAuthentication tests, 
whatever the current IP name/address, but still insist on the user
authenticating themselves (by password say). Is this possible?

I see there's a SSH2 configuration of RequiredAuthentications which
might allow the sysadmin to specify two authentications required, but 
it's not in openssh is it, and maybe it doesn't do what I want anyway?

Thanks in advance, Lawrence.

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