Blacklisting repeated login tries

Damien Miller djm at
Wed May 18 20:39:37 EST 2005

John M Collins wrote:
> It might be more reasonable if you provided a search facility. Like I 
> said, I did look through past history but none of the threads seemed to 
> mention it. All the article you referred to said as a subject was "SSH 
> feature request" and you referred that poster to previous discussions 
> which had obviously eluded him just as much as it eluded me.

You must be allergic to google:

"openssh login attempt", 1st link and follow the thread.

> If it's such a bad idea, why don't you put up on the FAQ list why you 
> think it's such a bad idea?

I.e. we should do the work because you are too lazy to use a search

> For my own part it is clear that there are lots of brute force attempts 
> to break in taking place at them moment and optional features which 
> might assist seem worth discussing.

... and we have. Check the archives.


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