Killing ssshd seassions

Darren Tucker dtucker at
Mon May 23 12:33:34 EST 2005

stdout azi wrote:
>      First, I'd like to say sorry if this isn't the right mailing list
> to ask my question. I'm writting some application(on Linux) wich relys
> on sshd, so I thought there is nothing wrong in posting my mail here.

This is the right place.

> The aplication i'm writting should, at some point, kill the user from
> his terminal line. To achieve this I read the users utmp entry and
> kill the ut_pid in it.. It works fine if the user is not loged trought
> ssh. If the user has a sshd seassion, killing the ut_pid doesnt work
> though. I've done some workaround and got to this point  :

What version of OpenSSH is this?  There was a change between 3.6.1 and 
3.7 that caused the monitor to kill the non-priviliged child the monitor 
was terminated.  It will pass through SIGTERM and SIGHUP.

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