RFC: 64bit compilation warning removal

Shaw Vrana shaw at vranix.com
Thu Nov 10 12:48:41 EST 2005

Darren Tucker wrote:
 > Where necessary, those macros could be used (eg your progressmeter
 > example, where the 64 bit type is due to the file size in the sftp
 > protocol being 64 bits on the wire) and carried as a Portable-only
 > change.  I'd be interested to hear other opinions on this, though.

They are ugly and I agree that they should only be applied if casting is 
inappropriate.  I have not gone through all of the warnings yet, but 
hopefully there are not too many of them that cannot be fixed by casting 
(or bug fixing- good catch, btw).  Let's take a closer look after I've 
got the patches in hand.

Thanks for your help,

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