[PATCH] 64 bit clean compilation patches

Shaw Vrana shaw at vranix.com
Tue Nov 22 08:04:19 EST 2005

> Wouldn't it be much simpler to cast printf() arguments in question to 
> appropriate type or correct appropriate printf() format string modifiers
> instead of doing such a big change? For example, in loginrec.c you could either 
> cast sizeof(last) result to int instead of int32_t or simply change 
> corresponding %d modifier to %u, as sizeof() result is of type unsigned int; in 
> progressmeter.c you could cast results of corresponding expressions to
> long long type. The same applies to scp.c and sftp-server.c too.

How's this?

And I also removed my previous change to loginrec.c and applied Darren's 
patch that he sent in an earlier exchange about these warnings.

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