Call for release testing

Damien Miller djm at
Thu Nov 24 20:09:06 EST 2005

Hi All,

We are planning on doing one of our regular releases (4.3/4.3p1) in
around a week. This is a bugfix release, but a few of the portability
bits have changed, so we would again appreciate testing on as many
systems as possible. 

Some of the bugs fixed and internal improvements are:

 * X forwarding won't start when a command is executed in background
   (Bug #1086)

 * Change ssh-keygen to generate a RSA2 key when invoked without
   arguments (Bug #1064)

 * Fix timing variance for valid vs. invalid accounts when attempting
   Kerberos authentication (Bug #975)

 * Cleanup wtmp files on SIGTERM when not using privsep (Bug #1029)

 * X11 applications can sometimes not connect to by
   setting SO_REUSEADDR on X11 listeners (Bug #1076)

 * Xauth list invocation has bogus "." argument (Bug #1082)

 * Man page fixes:
   #1037 - Man page for -L and -R should mention -g.
   #1077 - Descriptions for "ssh -D" and DynamicForward should mention
    they can specify "bind_address" optionally.
   #1088 - Incorrect descriptions in ssh_config man page for 

 * Lots of cleanups, including fixes to memory leaks on error paths
   (Bugs #1109, #1110, #1111 and more) and possible crashes (bug #1092)

 * Portable OpenSSH-specific fixes:
   - PAM message reporting fixes:
     #1045 - Missing option for ignoring the /etc/nologin file
     #1087 - Show PAM password expiry message from LDAP on login
     #1028 - Forward final non-query conversations to client

   - Portability-related fixes:
     #1097 - Cross-compile fixes.
     #989 - Fix multiplexing regress test on Solairs
     #1096 - ssh-keygen broken on HPUX.
     #1098 - $MAIL being set incorrectly for HPUX server login.
     #1104 - Compile error on Tru64 Unix 4.0f
     #1106 - Updated .spec file and startup for SuSE.

More detail may be found in the ChangeLog in the portable OpenSSH

The OpenBSD version is available in CVS HEAD:

Portable snapshots are available at:
or one of its mirrors listed at

Running the regression tests supplied with Portable does not require
installation and is a simply:

$ ./configure && make tests

Testing on suitable non-production systems is also appreciated.
Please send reports of success or failure to
openssh-unix-dev at

Damien Miller

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