Password Option for Windows OpenSSH

Wed Nov 30 16:04:46 EST 2005

I totally agree with you...for our project we can't use cygwin because of
the high licensing cost involved with it...copssh just does great for
us...except I am still trying to get around the issue of using a command
line option for the password. 
Need to explore the option of using a perl script to do this...
Does anyone know if I can recompile the code by providing a password
option?? If so where do I start? Any suggestions is greatly appreciated. 

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Which is a great idea if someone wants to install all of cygwin. 
However, if they don't and just want ssh then CopSSH is a fine solution. 
  You get the bare minimum you need to run ssh and thats it - which is all a
lot of people want.

Corinna Vinschen wrote:
> On Nov 28 14:00, KRISHNAMURTHY SUDHAKAR-FSK031 wrote:
>> OpenSSH for windows not maintained anymore...that's kind of 
>> bummer...the website doesn't say that :( I am looking at COPSSH and I 
>> am glad this seems to be an enhanced version of windows openssh.
> You're aware that "OpenSSH for Windows" as well as CopSSH are just 
> convenience packages of OpenSSH for Cygwin, aren't you?  You get the 
> same functionality when using OpenSSH within the official Cygwin net 
> distribution (, just with the difference that the 
> net distribution always has the latest Cygwin DLL and the latest 
> OpenSSH version available, 4.2p1 right now.
> Corinna

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