(4.2p1) Missing -R<path_to_libedit>/lib

Norihiko Murase skeleten at shillest.net
Fri Sep 2 23:38:14 EST 2005


I tried building the version 4.2p1 on the FreeBSD box.

Even if I executed the configure script with 
the -R options for libedit are NOT added in linking although
that for zlib and OpenSSL are correctly done.

This problem can be easily avoided by editing
openssh-4.2p1/Makefile after executing the configure script.
This means that you should add -R<path_to_libedit>/lib to

I attach the patch configure.ac.diff, which does the
    * replace -I$withval/include with -I${withval}/include
    * improve the output of "% ./configure --help"
as well as does fix the problem mentioned above.

penitence: I should have checked the daily snapshot in this
           point before 4.2p1 was released......  (;_;)

good news: Now, the libedit distributed at
           can be built also on the FreeBSD-4.x system! (^_^)/

Norihiko Murase
  The University of Aizu
E-mail: skeleten at shillest.net
        s1080224 at u-aizu.ac.jp
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