ssh hangs or gives Segmentation fault

Darren Tucker dtucker at
Thu Sep 22 16:31:58 EST 2005

Jean-Pierre.Eckmann at wrote:
> Effect: when I build and test (with full path names) ssh in the
> openssh... directory, everything works fine. When I "install" it as per
> attached file into a test-directory and run it from there, there are 2
> phenomena:
> PLEASE NOTE: Is this a bug?

Probably.  Where it is is another question.

> I can run ssh in the directory in which I build it , but it crashes or
> hangs in the install directory. 

That sounds like the install process is corrupting the binaries.  I'm
guessing it's the "strip" call, try disabling it like so:

$ make install STRIP_OPT=""

You can also try running your installed binaries under gdb to get a
backtrace (however since they're stripped it would give a lot of

$ gdb /path/to/ssh
(gdb) set args -vvv
(gdb) run
[wait for the crash]
(gdb) backtrace

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