Portable OpenSSH anoncvs

Darren Tucker dtucker at zip.com.au
Sat Apr 1 00:56:32 EST 2006

Darren Tucker wrote:
> Hi all.
> The OpenSSH Portable anoncvs service has found a temporary home (mine :-).
> It's on a DSL link so please be nice to it.  It may move in future so
> please use the "anoncvs.mindrot.org" alias.
> $ cvs -z5 -d anoncvs at anoncvs.mindrot.org:/cvs co openssh_cvs
> The key fingerprints are:
> RSA 8e:09:e9:fb:dc:af:e4:a5:e6:a0:e2:28:59:63:84:17
> DSA 3e:38:50:b8:d7:b7:dc:bc:13:c4:d8:76:c8:31:e3:44
> RSA v1 78:27:3c:67:3b:b9:59:96:f3:5d:45:52:0d:4d:be:8b

Oh yeah, one other thing: ssh only (ports 22 and 2022), no pserver so
don't forget to set CVS_RSH=ssh.

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