sshd config parser

Karl O. Pinc kop at
Sun Apr 2 04:58:44 EST 2006

I had thoughts on this functionality/syntax some time
ago.  At the time it seemed to me that the best
approach, syntax wise, is the one that bind 9 uses for
for views.

view view_name
       [class] {
       match-clients { address_match_list } ;
       match-destinations { address_match_list } ;
       match-recursive-only yes_or_no ;
       [ view_option; ...]
       [ zone_statement; ...]

Frankly, the brackets rock when it comes to readability,
for one thing they allow various matches to apply to
blocks of statements.  You could even allow nesting
if you liked.

You still need semantics, first match, etc.


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