sshd config parser

Jefferson Ogata Jefferson.Ogata at
Tue Apr 4 23:27:32 EST 2006

On 04/01/2006 09:43 PM, Darren Tucker wrote:
> Here's an updated patch.  It's not actually as big as it looks as nearly
> half of it as adding a flag to the keyword struct and large comment.
> The supported Match directives are User, Group, Host and Address.

Overall I'm liking this a lot--it addresses some needs I've had for a
long time.

Couple of silly questions; sorry if I missed the answer to these:

1. Why the "Match" keyword. Why not just "Host" or "User

2. How does "Host" with wildcards interact with DNS? E.g. will "Host
192.168.0.*" match 192.168.0.evil.domain?

3. What is "Address"?

4. What about CIDR notation?

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