openSSH 4.3 p2 rpm help please!

Stephen J. Smoogen smooge at
Thu Apr 13 03:24:27 EST 2006

On 4/12/06, Doug Lochart <dlochart at> wrote:
> >remember RH/centos does backpatching.. so while you are running an
> >older version as long as the main version of centos is being supported
> >(which 4 still is) you are ok.
> >
> I found that informative but I am still stuck on what to do.  How do I
> get these security fixes to make my 3.9 equal to 4.3 ???  I am
> expecting yum or rpm to tell me if there is an update.  Since there is
> no update available should I be assume that the fixes in 4.3 are
> backported to my 3.9??
> Sorry to sound like a dunce but rp etc is totally new to me.  I always
> use slackware and do everything from source.
> Doug

What you normally need to do is look at the relevant Centos/RHEL
security errata website and look to see that the CVE's you are wanting
are covered (or looking at the src.rpm and see that.)

Or you can just do an rpm -e of the openssh rpms and rebuild the
openssh rpms from openssh.. though it may add/remove functionality
that your user expected from the old ssh.

> On 4/12/06, Doug Lochart <dlochart at> wrote:
> > All,
> >

Stephen J Smoogen.
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