Wishlist: addition to FAQ 2.7

Daniel Kahn Gillmor dkg-openssh.com at fifthhorseman.net
Wed Apr 19 00:23:54 EST 2006

On April 19, dtucker at zip.com.au said:

 > No, xauth gets used on both client and server.  Try "ssh -vvv -X
 > somehost" and you will see the client running xauth.

ah.  right.  i think i've never seen someone try to forward X11 to a
local X11 workstation that *doesn't* have xauth (though i suppose such
machines must exist).  But i've certainly seen people beat their head
against the wall trying to forward X11 connections from an xauth-less

Maybe "on both the client and the server" then?  For folks who already
know how X11 works, this information is probably redundant (and it's
certainly implied by the "sshd_config and ssh_config" reference).  But
this FAQ is for the folks who don't know yet, right?


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