scp of Files > 2GB on HP-UX causes "protocol error: size not delimited"

Tob_Sch at Tob_Sch at
Fri Apr 21 19:16:40 EST 2006


we compiled OpenSSH 4.3p2 / OpenSSL 0.9.8a / zlib 1.2.3 on different

When we copy files > 2GB with "scp" on HP-UX (compiled on HP-UX 11.00 with
gcc 3.4.3) on a filesystem with activated largefile-option, we receive

protocol error: size not delimited

This does not happen with "sftp" on HP-UX on the same filesystem.
This does not happen with "scp" and "sftp" on any other platform (SunOS,
AIX, Linux).

Thanks in advance for help.

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