Need Help Using NIS netgroup - Does It Still Work?

Vadim Pushkin wiskbroom at
Sat Apr 22 07:19:44 EST 2006


Forgive me for asking on this list, but I've noticed that their has been 
some recent changes to the code with regards to netgroup.h, and hoping that 
someone on this list can help, I've already tried the users list.

I am having difficulties setting up ssh (ossh4.3p2 with PAM-enabled [DO I 
NEED IT?] - NIS -Solaris8/Sparc) to authenticate and allow users 
passwordless entry based solely on a user, or the host that they are on, 
being on a valid list of netgroup user/and/or/hosts contained in the server 
hosts .shosts or shosts.equiv. I assume that I am unable to add netgroups 
within the AllowGroup and/or DenyGroup?

Authentication is already setup properly this way for rsh, rsh denies users 
based on their host and/or user, all from NIS and depending what is 
contained within /etc/hosts.equiv and/or /.rhosts. What I wish to do is to 
duplicate this within ossh.

I am having alot of trouble finding information on how to get NIS netgroup 
to work into my sshd_config.  Since I am using PAM, should my pam.conf 
contain some special information for ssh w/PAM? Do I need any special pam 

I've created an /etc/shosts.equiv and ~.shosts file identical to what is 
contained within .rhosts and hosts.equiv. My sshd_config contains 
IgnoreRhosts = no.

My environment is pure NIS, no LDAP, at least not for the next year.

Many, many thanks in advance,



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