NIS - netgroup

Vadim Pushkin wiskbroom at
Wed Apr 26 05:42:39 EST 2006


Sorry for the crosspost/repost, but I am getting desparate here.

I am having difficulties setting up ssh (ossh4.3p2 - NIS -Solaris8/Sparc) to 
authenticate and allow ossh access based on NIS netgroup.  So, users and/or 
host should be from a valid netgroup triple, contained within the ossh 
servers .rhosts, .shosts, hosts.equiv and/or shosts.equiv.

I am having alot of trouble getting NIS netgroup to work with my current 
sshd_config, and I've tried just about everything...

My environment is pure NIS, no LDAP, at least not for the next year.

Again, many thanks in advance,


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