Memory Usage with openSSH 4.0

J D parkingtree at
Wed Apr 26 09:52:39 EST 2006

I have friends running sshd on their emebedded ppc
linux systems at two universities. Normally sshd takes
about 3M of memory and they have about 16M freemem
showed in /proc/meminfo. But occationally (every 1 or
2 weeks) they see free memory goes down really fast
and they lose 10M in 1 minute. If they disable sshd by
blocking the port access, this does not happen any

The device is not behind any firewall and sshd version
is 4.0.

I've done a lot search on the web and have not found
any report of similar issues. I was hoping experts on
this mailing list can help shed some light on this
problem. Thanks.

- Adrian

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