Only one chance to enter a new password?

Damien Miller djm at
Tue Jan 24 07:58:03 EST 2006

Richard Dickens wrote:
> Darren,
> The UsePrivilegeSeparation issue was one that I reported to this list in
> Nov 2004. It was to do with authorization messages not getting
> syslogged. Here's what you wrote at the time:
>>The reason it's not logged is privsep: the packet_disconnect and logit
> call happen in the unprivileged child >(which is chrooted and doesn't
> have access to /dev/log).  Trying it with UsePrivilegeSeparation=no has
> the 

You should arrange for your syslogd to listen at /var/empty/dev/log
that is what OpenBSD does.


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