SCP logging and file validation

Jason.C.Burns at Jason.C.Burns at
Wed Jan 25 07:02:57 EST 2006

Greetings list members,

I have a quick question regarding scp.  I'm looking to add logging and
validation to all copied files on the source and the remote.  Looking at
the archives, I see some posts regarding logging from a few years back,
which includes what looks like an acceptable patch.  My question on this
has there been any more recent discussion on this topic (just scp, not
looking to open the sftp can of worms!), or has this pretty much been
dead since the 2004 discussion?

As for validation, I'm thinking about creating a hash on the source,
sending that data over, and comparing it to a hash that's run on the
copied file from the remote.  This is just in the early design phase
now, but wondering if anyone has ever mulled this idea over and had any

Thanks for any information you can provide!

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