Ret: Problems with SFTP

neda_s at neda_s at
Fri Jun 30 20:40:32 EST 2006

Segfaults happens to access memory that was not allocated using xmalloc, 
to read/write from the file without the fileopen function, etc. I suggest 
you check what codes in openssh 4.3p2 happen Segfaults. 
Segfaults happens when SFTP works as a client. You embed the SNPRINTF statement 
in the openssh as a tracer. Could you modify the program and run it 
on your development environment? The program moves the control 
to the statement "case I_LS:" at the function "parse_dispatch_command" 
in the source file "sftp.c" when the user enters the command "ls". 
I suggest you embed the SNPRINTF statement here at the first.


rogier at wrote:
>Once again I need some help I hope you can give me. When I try to SFTP to
>any of my PCs (also running openssh) from my Xscale (ARM,
>big-endian) system sftp segfaults on me. Sftp to the xscale system works
>without any problems. I'm using openssl-0.9.8b (with ocf support),
>linux-2.6.16 and openssh 4.3p2 on the Xscale system. One of the systems I
>try to sftp to runs Openssh 3.7.1p2, with openssl 0.9.7 and linux 2.4.27.
>Below is an output of what ssh -v shows. ssh, scp, and sftp to this system
>works fine, it's only sftp from this system. I've tried the SNPRINTF workaround,
>which doesn't seem to help. Any ideas I can try? Note, the reason it can't
>create files is because those files would be created on a rom filesystem.
>Modifying the user directory so it creates them on a RAM filesystem
>doesn't work either though. Hope you can help.

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