sshrc not working when using restricted shells on HP-UX

Tob_Sch at Tob_Sch at
Wed Mar 1 23:26:35 EST 2006


we compiled OpenSSH 4.3p2 / OpenSSL 0.9.8a / zlib 1.2.3 on different

When we connect to a user which has got a restricted login shell on a HP-UX
(e.g. 11.00) server, we get errors during passing the sshrc file, altough
there are enough rights to access this file e.g. via "dd if=<path to sshrc>"
in the restricted shell. This doesn't appear when using restricted shells on
all other platforms!!!

Here's the error message during starting the connection:

sh: /bin/sh: The operation is not allowed in a restricted shell.

The problem occurs on
HP-UX with rksh and rsh

The problem doesn't occure on
SunOS with rksh
AIX with rksh
Linux with rbash 

Thanks in advance for help.

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