Funds for OpenSSH from Solaris and OpenSolaris users at Blastwave

Dennis Clarke blastwave at
Fri Mar 24 15:14:10 EST 2006

Dear OpenSSH friends :

    The project is focused on providing quality open
source software to Solaris and OpenSolaris users. Please know that
your software is valued and one of the very first software packages to
be offered by Blastwave well over 3 years ago.  I have personally
scraped together $100 for you but don't know where to put it yet.  You
have a PayPal link on your site at  that says "NOT YET SETUP!".  
Will you have this PayPal link in place soon?  If so then I will
gather some money together for you if I can.  I will start with my own
personal $100 and then go out and "pass the hat" for you.

    Also, if you ever need access to a Solaris or OpenSolaris build
environment and you are an active developer in the OpenSSH project
then I can certainly help you there also.

Dennis Clarke

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