"ls -l" command and performance of sftp

ponraj tryponraj at gmail.com
Fri May 12 16:25:26 EST 2006

Hi all,

Patch to cache group and userids is attched along with this mail. The patch 
looks up the cache first before proceeding with getgrgid,getpwuid calls and 
thus reduces the amount of lookups and increases preformance in environments 
such as LDAP database.


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Subject: "ls -l" command and performance of sftp

Hi all,

I am using OpenSSH4.3p2. User database is stored in LDAP server.When I tried 
to list about 400 files using "ls -l" command in ftp and sftp, I observed 
that sftp took considerable amount of time greater than ftp. I suspect sftp 
does not cache the username and groupname lookups and makes fresh calls to 
getpwuid(), getgrgid() functions for each file that makes its performance 
worse. Any comments ?

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