Are there OpenSSH library coding examples

ron flory ron.flory at
Wed May 24 05:50:30 EST 2006


  Apologies in advance if this is off-topic, but I've been
unable to find any coding or usage examples on how to open a
SSH client to a remote server.  I'll happily RTFM if I can just
find the FM (!).  The client environment is x86 Linux 2.6.x,
the remote SSH servers will be on proprietary embedded devices.

  My current application uses a socket interface and select()
to communicate with local serial ports and/or remote TCP/telnet
ports.  I need to extend this C++ program to also support
communication to remote servers over SSH.  I would prefer to not
'hook into' other commandline applications.  Is this a practical

  Thank-you for any suggestions.


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