SSH Doesn't Close stdio/err When Backgrounded

Dino Klein dinoklein at
Thu May 25 05:38:49 EST 2006


I've recently started employing the opportunistic multiplexing feature, and 
I've come across what seems like a bug.

Here's how it goes: in Fedora Core 5 I run the Gnome terminal application, 
and open two terminals (two tabs). In the first terminal I initiate an ssh 
connetion that becomes the master for multiplexing; in the second terminal I 
open a second terminal session to the same host. After this, I background 
the master on the first terminal via "~&"; even though the process forked, 
it still had the I/O/Err descriptors open according to /proc/$PID/fd.

Now, the funny part - if I run ssh in first terminal with the same target 
host, it opens the connection through the master, but I cannot do anything 
since the input seems to be hijacked by the backgrounded master. This does 
not manifest itself if I do anything else locally, eg running ls or vi.

Furthermore, after goning through the input-hijacking mention above, the 
backgrounded master won't terminate even after all connection through it 
finish (even after killing the defunt session which has no input).

Also, this is reproducible.

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