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Thu Nov 2 09:08:48 EST 2006

free, and both myself and the Stanford OTL have been responsive to any
questions that might arise.  The OpenSSH patches are clearly
RFC2945-based, and are unambiguously royalty-free.  Isn't this exactly
what you praised USC and Xerox for just a moment ago?

> The other technologies are well established, and we are protected by the
> entire industry.

And it seems you are unwilling to allow SRP that same opportunity to
become "well-established" and "protected by the entire industry" because
of some personal, emotional grudge against some group at Stanford, a
grudge that, as far as I can tell, may not even be shared by the other
OpenSSH developers.

Tom Wu
Principal Software Engineer
Arcot Systems
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"The Borg?  Sounds Swedish..."

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