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Thu Nov 2 09:08:48 EST 2006

simplify and clean it up dead wood (if it is broken it is dead wood).
Remember NeXT has no direct maintianer any more unless someone from the
community wishes to step up and claim it.

So if you value your platform.  I suggest you get involved.  NeXT is
living on borrowed time. =)

Remember you need autoconf 2.5x and above for rebuilding the ./configure

- Ben

RCS file: /var/cvs/openssh/,v
retrieving revision
diff -u -r1.89.2.2
---	16 Oct 2002 00:25:40 -0000
+++	25 Oct 2002 14:08:43 -0000
@@ -601,12 +601,15 @@
 	getaddrinfo getcwd getgrouplist getnameinfo getopt getpeereid\
 	getrlimit getrusage getttyent glob inet_aton inet_ntoa \
 	inet_ntop innetgr login_getcapbool md5_crypt memmove \
-	mkdtemp mmap ngetaddrinfo openpty ogetaddrinfo readpassphrase \
+	mkdtemp ngetaddrinfo openpty ogetaddrinfo readpassphrase \
 	realpath recvmsg rresvport_af sendmsg setdtablesize setegid \
 	setenv seteuid setgroups setlogin setproctitle setresgid setreuid \
 	setrlimit setsid setpcred setvbuf sigaction sigvec snprintf \
 	socketpair strerror strlcat strlcpy strmode sysconf tcgetpgrp \
 	truncate utimes vhangup vsnprintf waitpid __b64_ntop _getpty)
+dnl Make sure that mmap prototype is defined before defining HAVE_MMAP

 dnl Make sure strsep prototype is defined before defining HAVE_STRSEP
 AC_CHECK_DECL(strsep, [AC_CHECK_FUNCS(strsep)])

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