tunneling through stdin/stdout, source routing

Simon Richter Simon.Richter at hogyros.de
Wed Nov 15 10:54:06 EST 2006


Bob Proulx schrieb:

> When I was doing that it I would always find that it left a lot of
> netcat processes hanging around that did not terminate appropriately.
> I assume that is your problem too?  Instead let me recommend the
> 'connect' code.

Exactly, and it requires the remote machine to have netcat or something 
similar around. Even a better tool like "connect" would only partially 
solve the problem, as I still need to make it run on the other box.

In the particularly nasty setup I am facing here this is extra 
difficult, as the same home directory is shared over multiple machines 
of different architectures (and with different runtime libraries 
installed), so I'd have to have the tool once for each architecture, and 
find a way to properly switch on the architecture of the machine I'm 
connecting to.

That's why I'd think a client-only solution would be the best solution 
here. My client can always ask for a port forward, the server doesn't 
care where it comes from.


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