Testing for the 4.4p1 release

Iain Morgan imorgan at nas.nasa.gov
Sat Sep 2 05:14:49 EST 2006

Sometime ago, Iain Morgan wrote:
> Sometime ago, Damien Miller wrote:
> [...]
> > Testing on suitable non-production systems is also appreciated. Please send
> > reports of success or failure to openssh-unix-dev at mindrot.org, including 
> > details of your platform, compiler and configure options.
> > 
> The 20060830 snapshot configures, but fails to build on IRIX 6.5.29
> usign the MIPSpro 7.4 compilers.
> export CC=c99
> export CFLAGS="-g -O3 -mips3 -r14000"
> PREFIX=/usr/prg/pkg/openssh/4.4p1
> ZLIB=$HOME/build
> ./configure --prefix=$PREFIX \
>         --sysconfdir=/usr/prg/etc \
>         --with-ssl-dir=$OPENSSL \
>         --with-zlib=$ZLIB \
>         --with-tcp-wrappers=/usr/local \
>         --with-md5-passwords \
>         --with-pam
> There are numberous warnings, but here's the part that causes the
> compile to fail:

Adding <errno.h> to the headers included in port-irix.c allows the build
to complete.

Using c99, there are only 92 warnings, whereas using cc there are 251.
A reasonable number of the 92 warnings are due to macro redefinition:

 14   Macro "_PATH_MAILDIR" (declared at line 359 of "defines.h") has an
  14   Macro "_PATH_BSHELL" (declared at line 322 of "defines.h") has an
   5   Macro "offsetof" (declared at line 491 of "defines.h") has an
   1   Macro "offsetof" (declared at line 491 of "../defines.h") has an

Also, moving -lgen from LIBS to SSHDLIBS would eliminate 10 additional

I haven't had time to deal with the regression tests yet. The protocol 1
tests always seem to be a problem with IRIX. (I reported this once quite
a while ago, but did not have the time to investigate.) In the past,
I've hacked the scripts to only test protocol 2, in which case
everything (that we care about) is fine.

Iain Morgan

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