[openssh-unix-dev] Testing for the 4.4p1 release

David Bronder david-bronder at uiowa.edu
Thu Sep 7 11:12:01 EST 2006

Darren Tucker wrote:
> David Bronder wrote:
> [...]
> > 
> Could you please send me the output from "./configure && make -k" and 
> plus a copy of the config.log file (just to me please, they'll be big 
> and there's no need to fill the list members' inboxes :-)

I'll run it again and send you the output.

> You can use extc89 at configure time with:
> CC="cc -qlanglvl=extc89" ./configure

Tried that first, but the configure test program still failed, so it
ended up setting CC="cc -qlanglvl=extc89 -qlanglevel=ansi" and the
compiler used the last one specified.

> but it would be nice to figure out how to make VAC6 work out of the box.

Indeed.  :)

> >>> "/usr/include/paths.h", line 50.9: 1506-213 (S) Macro name _PATH_BSHELL cannot be redefined.
> >>> "/usr/include/paths.h", line 50.9: 1506-358 (I) "_PATH_BSHELL" is defined on line 322 of defines.h.
> >> Hmm, the "cannot be redefined" sounds like we need to fix those before the
> >> release.
> > 
> > Still had these with openssh-SNAP-20060906 and "langlvl=extc89".
> Was that both warnings or just the "is defined on line xxx"?

I'll have to run the build again with "langlvl=extc89" and look more
closely.  I think there were still two warnings per macro, but the
first may have been a notice that the macro _was_ redefined instead of
that it cannot be redefined (similar to "langlvl=extc89" on AIX 5.2).

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