cygwin ssh goes heavy cpu uasage

Darren Tucker dtucker at
Sun Sep 10 13:15:53 EST 2006

Niv wrote:
> I noticed that if I install cygwin ssh on a laptop , the cpu usage goes
> to 80-90% when not all the network adaptors are connected.

Which process is using the CPU, ssh or sshd?  If it's sshd, does setting 
ListenAddress in sshd_config to listen only on the address that's live 
and restarting sshd make any difference?

> how may I assist in reporting this bug better? can some one pls point me
> to a version compilied with the debug flag?  how can I use gdb on windows
> to report this?

gdb is probably not going to help much here, instead trace attaching 
strace to the process: run "ps -eaf" and pick out the pid of the 
process, then run "strace -p [pid]" on that particular process (be aware 
that it will probably generate a lot of output).

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