Weird TZ Behavior in 4.1p1 and 4.3p2 on AIX

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Wed Sep 13 00:37:58 EST 2006



I am using PAM authentication on 3.8p1.  In my PAM auth module I can
turn on debug logging that includes a timestamp in the form "mm/dd/yy
hh:mm:ss".  Life is good.


I want to upgrade from 3.8p1 so I can use PAM for PasswordAuthentication
in addition to keyboard-interactive.  I have compiled both 4.1p1 and
4.3p2 and the PAM authentication for both methods works fine in both
releases, but I have a weird annoyance in the logging.  The timestamp
code appears to be ignoring the TZ setting.  Here is a snippet from the
logfile where I changed back and forth from 3.8p1 and 4.1p1 as I logged
in ~ 9:30 this morning:


09/12/06 09:34:52 username

09/12/06 09:35:02 username authenticating locally

09/12/06 09:35:02 username local authentication succeeded

09/12/06 13:35:21 username

09/12/06 13:35:25 username authenticating locally

09/12/06 13:35:25 username local authentication succeeded

09/12/06 09:36:07 username

09/12/06 09:36:12 username authenticating locally


I found that commenting out "environ[0] = NULL;" in pam-auth.c fixed the
TZ problem, but created others.


Any suggestions?


Scott Strickler 


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