openssh-4.3p2: setsockopt() problem

Chris Rapier rapier at
Thu Sep 14 00:53:46 EST 2006

This is likely due to the router and how it is handling header 
information. If it's rewriting portions of the header after the syn is 
sent I could see a connections hanging.

Getting a tcpdump of a connection on both sides would probably let you 
figure out exactly where the badness is taking place.

Kenneth Berland wrote:
> List,
> I'm behind a dlink DSL-G604T wireless router.  ssh client was hanging at:
> debug1: Entering interactive session.
> Telnet was having a similar problem to port 22, however a simple client.c
> I compiled was not.  My java ssh client was also working. After some
> investigation, I noticed that the hang was after the system call:
> setsockopt(3, SOL_IP, IP_TOS, [16], 4)  = 0
> I noticed also that telnet was hanging the same way.  I commented all the
> setsockopt() calls out of the ssh client code (because I was in a hurry)
> and now it works.  Anyway, I figured I should document the problem
> somewhere.
> -Ken
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