weird DH problems

Darren Tucker dtucker at
Tue Sep 19 15:02:07 EST 2006

Girish Venkatachalam wrote:
> Sorry Darren for the confusion. Both machines running FreeBSD are the
> servers and the sshd on the server side is dying. I have mentioned
> above the architectures, none of them are UltraSparc.
 > Is there something wrong with /dev/*random?

Dunno, but I suspect not.

 > I have tried connecting from FreeBSD itself, OpenBSD and Debian
 > GNU/linux asssh clients. And all of them have problems at different
 > times. And these clients of course are running at my home and they are
 > old crappy i386 boxes. I dont think there is any problem with the
 > client part.

You really need to see what's happening on the server side (normally I'd 
suggest running the server in debug mode, but since it's intermittent 
you would probably need to bump up the LogLevel and grep out the 
relevant session from the log).

Does the problem occur with a vanilla OpenSSH built from the source on  I'm pretty sure FreeBSD make a number of changes but I 
don't know what they are.  They should be the first point of call for 
problems with the binaries they supply.

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