[PATCH] implementation of getpeereid() for Solaris

Darren Tucker dtucker at zip.com.au
Tue Sep 26 22:54:50 EST 2006

Jan Pechanec wrote:
> 	hi, Solaris doesn't have getpeereid() or SO_PEERCRED. However, 
> getpeerucred() is perfectly usable for that; and it's in Solaris 10 and 
> OpenSolaris.  [...]
> 	[patch] which implements getpeereid() function in OpenSSH with 
> getpeerucred() in case that ucred.h and getpeerucred() are present.


We will probably apply this (with a couple of minor tweaks, like moving 
the #include into bsd-getpeereid.c) but unfortunately it arrived too 
late for 4.4p1, so it will not be until the following release.

> -rm -f ${OBJ}/agent
> +rm -f $ASOCK

Out of curiosity, why this change?

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