Calysto v1.5 reports on ssh v4.6p1

Peter Stuge stuge-openssh-unix-dev at
Mon Aug 13 07:35:13 EST 2007

On Sun, Aug 12, 2007 at 12:47:13PM -0700, Domagoj Babic wrote:
> > > @58 orange (INCONSISTENT USE) Possible null dereference of
> > > variable gparent. This variable is checked for Null at lines:
> > > 58 @monitor_mm.c
> > > @Inconsistency error
> Could anyone confirm that this is either a bug or a false positive?

Wow, this is a bit messy.

monitor_mm.c:58 has the RB_GENERATE() macro which expands to a 270
line long define in openbsd-compat/sys-tree.h, which in turn uses
macros that expand to even more lines. All this is however treated as
one line of source code to not affect the line numbers of the
original source file. (for debugging)

It would take a bit of work - turn those macros into code
(manually(!) or with gcc -E or cpp) and then re-run the static
checker, so that it actually gives some useful information.

Trying to proof 270 lines of code on a single line is not time well
spent for a human.

I could have a look at the code if those macros were made into C
source and the checker reported more meaningful line numbers. Please
include the C source you checked as well then.


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