Unable to use the Banner keyword in a Match Block in OpenSSH 4.4p1

ritamcm at earthlink.net ritamcm at earthlink.net
Fri Aug 24 13:44:53 EST 2007

I am running Openssh 4.4p1 on a Solaris 9 server.  I would like the accting service account to be able to run accounting scripts from a central server without the standard pre-login banner. At the end of the sshd_config file I have the following, where /etc/nobanner is an empty file:

Banner /etc/issue
Match User accting
       Banner /etc/nobanner

When an attempt is made to restart sshd, the error is:
/usr/local/etc/sshd_config line 127:  Directive 'Banner' is not allowed within a Match block

However, when I look at the manual page for sshd_config at openssh.org, Banner is listed as an keyword under Match.  What is the correct way to use the Banner keyword in a Match block in openssh 4.4p1?  

Thanks for your help,


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