scp -t - revisited.....

Jan Pechanec Jan.Pechanec at Sun.COM
Fri Dec 7 11:25:31 EST 2007

On Thu, 6 Dec 2007, Larry Becke wrote:

>This leads me to believe that using the scp -t /some/path/to/a/directory 
>command= in the authorized_keys file causes scp to forget/ignore everything 
>after the remote hostname.

	internally, local scp runs "ssh <HOST> scp -t/-f <PATH>". With 
command= in authorized keys file, the command set on ssh command line is 
ignored and "command=..." is used instead.

> (Wonders if this will be considered a bug to be fixed or quashed as it 
>wasn't an intended *feature* of scp)....  I hope not...

	it has nothing to do with scp. The local scp process doesn't know 
about it at all, neither the scp process on remote side.

Jan Pechanec

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