scp -t - revisited.....‏

Larry Becke guyverdh at
Fri Dec 7 13:35:47 EST 2007

>From the testing that I've done so far, using the command= restriction essentially ignores any and all attempts by the client to send different remote filenames, directory commands, etc...
using scp -i some_key localfile  remotehost:../../../../../../../../../../tmp/file    places a copy of the file named "localfile"  in the directory specified in the command= line of the authorized keys file.
It completely overrides the -t and -f parameters passed by the client, which is really pretty cool in a sense.
You could probably even configure the command= to attempt to send a file, which would only work I assume if the client command was set to pull a file, rather than send one.
It might be fun to play with it to see what you can and can't force via the command= override from the authorized_keys file.
All in all, it gave me what so far appears to be a safe, secure, encrypted, receive only scp, where the file destination directory is controlled by the server, not the client.
Hella cool imo.
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