proposal: new DisableBanner client side option

Jan Pechanec Jan.Pechanec at Sun.COM
Fri Jan 19 05:52:51 EST 2007

	hi all, we had quite a few requests recently so that SunSSH allowed 
to hush a banner on client side when in command-mode only. The argument 
usually is that the banner is mandatory due to legal reasons so first time 
login users should see it but that it causes problems when ssh is used from 
scripts after that. '-q' often seems not an option. RFC 4252 permits hushing 
banner in section 5.4.

	we want to add DisableBanner option to SunSSH with 
yes/no/in-exec-mode arguments, default to "no". It's designed to be 
extendable in a backward compatible way to a comma separated list of 
"in-<mode>-mode" strings if needed in the future. "in-subsystem-mode" could 
be the next candidate.

	since we try to avoid divergence with upstream (= OpenSSH) if 
possible I would like to ask, in case you would be interested in adding such 
functionality to OpenSSH in which case I can provide a patch then, whether 
this would be an acceptible syntax for both.

	thanks, Jan.

Jan Pechanec
Sun Microsystems

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