SSH_ASKPASS behavior change proposal

Lance E Sloan lsloan at
Sat Jan 20 06:17:56 EST 2007

Mr. Morgan, thank you very much for the response.

Yes, I think I see how that could help.  I could start up an ssh 
control master in another window that connects to the CVS/SVN 
repository before I start a client.

I have a question about the "ask" setting for ControlMaster.  The 
manpage says:

Setting this to ``ask'' will cause ssh to listen for control 
connections, but require confirmation using the SSH_ASKPASS program 
before they are accepted (see ssh-add(1) for details).

I tried this, and ssh did indeed invoke my SSH_ASKPASS, but I wasn't 
sure what the correct response was.  I tried my password for the remote 
host and password for my local host.  Neither worked.  Then I noticed 
that it was prompting "Allow shared connection to [hostname_here]?", so 
I tried answering "y" and "yes", but neither of those worked, either.

What kind of answer is it expecting?

Quoting Iain Morgan <imorgan at> (Fri 19 Jan 2007 12:08:49 PM EST):
> You could address the CVS/SVN issue using session multiplexing. See
> the entries for ControlMaster and ControlPath in the ssh(1) man page.
> Sometime ago, Lance E Sloan wrote:
>> I propose that the ssh command-line client be changed so that it will
>> use whatever program is specified in the SSH_ASKPASS environment
>> variable regardless of whether ssh has a terminal associated with it
>> or not.

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